“Shingetsu Billy White merges two masteries to create a profound meditational experience: musical performance/composition and Zen Buddhist practice. In an age when Eastern spirituality can be packaged in the West as so much “schtick” devoid of authentic spiritual substance, Billy organically melds these two forms while honoring the time honored tradition of Zen meditation practice. This can be especially helpful for participants, like myself, who have difficulty slowing down thoughts. Billy’s masterful live creation of music and sound was incredibly helpful in anchoring my mind.”

Howard Meyer,
Award winning playwright, Artistic Director of Axial Theatre, and Buddhist meditation practitioner

“The sound meditations are incredibly healing – both on an emotional level but also on a physical level. They leave you with a quiet in your being that allows you to be completely still in your soul and receive all the love the universe is trying to deliver. I’d not expected it, but I found that after the first meditation, the hernia that had been causing some digestive issues was completely resolved (and verified by ultrasound). A friend of mine arrived at one of the meditations with a painful migraine and left without it. All I can say is GO. Billy is an amazing musician and it’s an experience you don’t want to miss. I’ve been to a lot of great sound meditations over the years – these are extraordinary.”

Trish M. – Austin, TX

“Sound healing has taught me to pay attention how my body responds to external sounds and vibrations. Listening to Billy opened me up to experience a profound and healing effect of the sound resonating inside me in response to him playing.”

Yanina V. – Buffalo NY

“Sitting with Billy is transformative. You do not have to DO anything. You simply listen to the instruments and let go. Everyone has the ability to sit. Everyone has the ability to listen. Just listening with Billy as a guide helps us to connect in a much more profound way.”

Peter R. – Portland, Oregon

“Sitting through even one meditation with Billy can lead to deep healing and transformation. He brings through profound peace in his voice and sound that is transcendental, pervading, and beyond time and space. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this.”

Aleeiah – Asheville, NC

“Sound meditation with Billy takes you beyond ordinary reality. Not only is Billy an incredibly skilled and accomplished musician but through his journey as a zen meditation practitioner, infuses a powerful intuitive flow in his soundscapes. Billy creates a warm and loving environment for his unforgettable meditations. If you want to stretch the boundaries of time and space and get a better glimpse of who you really are…don’t miss out!”

K. Powell – San Miguel de Allende, Gto

“I was fortunate to have gone to a sound healing class with Billy White. I knew Billy as an incredible guitarist so I was excited to attended his class. I was carried away by the sounds he made. They transported me to another time and place. I felt very peaceful, before I knew it the sounds touched me so deeply that I was weeping with joy, and a great feeling of peace came over me. I would recommend this class to anyone. He is a true healer.”

Lainy R. – Woodstock NY

“Billy can transport you to another reality with sound and your willingness to do so. His sound meditations are profound, mystical and entertaining. If you want to access a part of your spirit that’s hard to find without years of practice, check out Billy’s sound meditations.”

Andrew Brandeis, ND

“Better than drugs!”

William P.
San Luis Obispo, CA