Are you curious about meditation? 

Do you want to try it but not sure how or what you will get from it?

Do you want a guide to help you get started or deepen your practice? 


I am ready to welcome you to the studio once again this time for a SOUND MEDITATION with my dear friend Shingetsu Billy White. 

Why would you want to come to this?

It’s a unique “ceremonial concert” experience, with exercises in breathing and attention.  We explore the activity of hearing and consciousness and allow vibrational alignment, resonating channels in the body for deep relaxation and well-being. 

People come out of a sound meditation deeply relaxed, with a heightened sense of awareness and sense of hearing,
can be a really transformative experience!

Come check it out , be social and get connected to your inner voice. 

March 28
7-9 pm 
Soul Space Studio 
2801 Hancock Drive Austin TX 78731


We will provide light snacks and tea after the meditation and time for socializing.

PS. In the yoga studio and we will take our shoes off and be sitting/laying on the floor or against walls. I have bolsters and blankets to help you feel more comfortable.