Pyramid Concert Series

August 11th & 12th. A 2-night concert at the Samadhi Yoga Retreat in Texas, with singing, harmonics, overtones, drumming, movement, and sound ceremony.

Meditative Sound Journey Concert, April 9th

Healing, restorative sound immersion Sunday April 9th at Samadhi Yoga Retreat, using overtone singing, tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, flutes, percussion and other exotic instruments we will dissolve into a deliciously relaxing […]

Austin Temple of Sound

An Experimental Meditative Sonic Journey in Austin, TX. On the Full Moon.. Tuesday, April 11th 7.30 PM.

Yoga + Meditation Retreat

Yoga, Meditation, and Healing Sounds. April 20-23rd, 2017. At The Davis Mountain Preserve, Texas. For more information email:


In this 2 part workshop, Shingetsu Billy White, will offer explorations in sound and vibration, with the intention of balancing and aligning energies and expanding awareness. Sitting and walking meditation […]